How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Dog | Useful Tips

how to convince your parents to get a dog

Convincing someone depends on the mindset of the person. Persons with flexibility are easy to make agree with differing opinions. Others may need more influence.

Parents of our South Asian continent tend to be stubborn to their decisions.For them having a pet is a luxury, not a need. So making them agree for a pet can be hard work. But don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips on how to convince your parents to get a dog.

Positivity Booster 

You’ll have to follow several strategies to get them to like pets. You have to present logic behind it.The first strategy you can follow is making them understand how much a pet can trigger positivity in your life. Make them believe that having a pet is important for the well-being of a family. 

First, on a friendly family dinner try to get them engaged in a conversation regarding the importance of a pet. On several other friendly family times like watching the TV together or just gossiping together, try to create a positive impact for a pet. When you see them sending positive signals for pets then proceed to the next step.

Pets are a necessity 

You can try to make them understand that pets can be a need too. Tell them how the home seems so empty as there are no kids running around. But be careful, this writer won’t be responsible if your parents decide to give you a sibling instead of a dog! 

So try to get them to love fluffy animals so that they realize the cuteness of pets. Make them understand how much lighter the mood of your home will become if you could adopt a pet who would perform as a standup comedian with its funny movements and weird attitudes.

Divide and rule

It is a great strategy. Colonials used it unfailingly. When your parents will fight with each other try to talk to them separately to get closer to them. Try to take the benefit of doubt and make them understand that they are fighting for the absurd environment of the home. 

If you had a pet the environment would never become so gloomy. You would share a good time and would fight less as the mood would be lighter. I think trying to convince them separately would be more wise as one head is better than two for convincing.

Little bit of drama will go a long way!

When you feel your family is becoming flexible to get a pet you’ll need more flexibility to maintain the pet as it comes with a lot more hazard as every pet is high maintenance. You can ask one of your friends if he could lend you his pet for a short period of time. Take the pet home and tell your parents that you need to keep the pet for a while as your friend is unable to keep the pet for a while. 

Meanwhile try to make the pet get closer to your parents. Send the pet to your parents bedroom sometimes or to the living room so that they can see its cuteness whilst watching TV or doing something regular. Sometimes you can ask them individually to feed the pet or to hold the pet.

Make them play with the pet so that they can understand how soothing it is to have a pet. Make them understand that having a pet can be therapeutic as they make us happy with their innocence and soft fur.

How to convince your parents to get a dog by impacting of drama

After a few days, send the pet back to the friend’s house. Hopefully your parents will miss that cute little fella. If you see them missing your friend’s pet, try to convince them to get you a pet as well. If they agree with you proceed with your next strategy.

Appeal for a Dog

Convince your family how a dog can be a life savior and a good pet at the same time. How harmless a dog can be to its owner and how protective it can be. You can try to make them agree by telling them that the pet will live inside the boundary of the house but not make the house messy. If they have religious issues make them understand you’ll take care of cleanliness.Tell them you are getting the pet dog for security purposes as well.

Result of all the strategy

Hopefully after following this well-structured strategy your parents will get you a beautiful fluffy dog. Show them how important it is by giving it good training. Try to engage your parents and other family members to have a good time bonding together with the dog. Take the dog to the park for a walk sometimes.

Raising Dog Fund 

If your parents cannot afford the dog you want, you yourself can contribute to get the dog. Tell your parents that you’ll work extra hours to get the dog and together you will be able to raise the dog fund.

Show them that you are responsible enough to take care of an innocent life. If they find you mature enough they will agree more to get a dog. Tell them you’ll train your dog to litter outside home on the given spot and not to make the house messy. If you train your dog well then hopefully there will be no issue further to sustain the dog in the home.

Final Verdict 

We think convincing the parents is not an impossible job. You just have to make them understand the value of something in our life with proper maturity and our this guide “

how to convince your parents to get a dog” might a real killer in this case. If you get them to believe you are responsible enough, they will help you to make your dreams come true. You just have to be patient and wait for the right time to make a move.


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