Tips and Tricks About How to Write a Fantasy Novel Perfectly

how to write a fantasy novel

Imagination is a product of human idiosyncrasies, which can be derived from our personalities. The best part of this product is it is not tethered by the societal and scientific norms. While every imagination brings their unique panache, converting it into narrative excellence isn’t an immanent trait. Most of the people think about “How to write a fantasy novel?”. If you want to learn more, let’s continue with us….

In this article, we’ll discuss the strategies and prerequisites of creating an enthralling fantasy novel. One must learn to convert his abstract innovation to narrative excellence and for that to materialize he must comprehend the stratagem of a fantasy novel.

What is a Fantasy Novel?

It is a literature classification that contains paranormal contents that cannot be found in the literal world. Some writers can collate practical situations, with their own imagination, whereas others don’t even include a tinge of reality in their creativity. Some of the most pristine contents of fantasy literature involve the characterization of dwarfs, goblins, witches. Such characters are constructed alongside various time frames and magic. Now that you have the knowledge of what this novel looks like, let’s understand the knack of creating your own.

How to Write a Fantasy Novel That Stand Out

Read Voraciously

As a profession, a fantasy novel writer is quite distinctive from the rest. Unlike most jobs, where you don’t necessarily need prior skills and qualifications to get in, the case isn’t the same for them. Writing such novels requires a rigorous understanding of different creatures and time frame, which can only happen if you are an insatiable reader. Unless your cognitive ability fails to create an appetite for new books, you won’t comprehend the feature characteristics of that genre, never mind making your own.

Finding Your Own Niche

Reading is indispensable to create any write-ups, and fantasy literature is considered as a final frontier of a successful writer. While it improves people’s craft as a writer, there are infinite, fantasy materials that they need to read before knowing all the characters. Such cornucopia of narration is highly improbable for readers to complete during their lifetime. Instead, they should understand their niche. 

For a lot of people, Harry Potter piques their interest, while some are salacious for erotic novels, like fifty shades of grey. Of course, a hefty reader of such a novel adores romance and tyranny with little eroticism. Therefore understanding that the most onerous of literature has its own set of the genre, will help readers to know which aspect they want to pursue.

Build your world without boundaries, but don’t get trapped

Now the prewriting steps of fantasy novels are elucidated comes the first part of writing: world-building. You simply can’t make a fantasy novel without building a character. Choosing a character isn’t a facile step, because choosing one without thinking won’t allow building further storylines, resulting in a mundane novel. Find a concept that you adore and put in a universe that you think seems an ideal fit.

Understand the moment of closure of your character

Once that step is done, you are on the most difficult stage: The purpose of the character. An ideal fantasy novel is one that portrays the importance of characterization to the audience in a manner that they are the most important character. In reality, some of them die at a time that readers felt abrupt. A classic example involves A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R Martin. By keeping your characters alive for too long you risk the chance of begriming it.

Building Your Own Perspective

By the time you reach into this step, you must have understood by now how the story of fantasy literature works. There are ingrained genres about this where potential writers can take as a basis, but being dependent on them will cause no individual creativity. Apply a fresh perspective, by stop being detail-oriented. 

Leaving out crucial information creates suspense for the readers. The last thing the reader wants is to only view the writer’s perception of the events. The plot twist is another way to remove writer stereotypes. The biggest understanding one has to keep in consideration is that it is fantasy. Therefore by always sticking into the same character mannerism, you as a potential writer will not be having a point of difference.

Creative Romance

According to recent statistics, 94 percent of readers are hooked onto literature where romanticism is unmatched in the modern world. Our thinking pattern is conditioned to our upbringing. Romance is a common denominator in fantasy literature, but having plots that resemble reality won’t sell. 

Think of Romeo and Juliet, where the two lovebirds end up taking each other’s life as a failure to not living happily ever after. The novels where the highest-rated TV series, Game of Thrones, was aired consist of homosexual, bisexual, and incest romance. The romance of your narrative should not be heteronormative, rather consist of genres that are termed grotesque in the real world.


After understanding your level of magic and rules, the next step is to stick to them routinely. Diverting too many storylines creates delirium among the readers. While plot twist is essential to boggle the minds, going it overboard is unintelligible and incomprehensible.

Enrich Your Vocabulary Arsenal

Fantasy novels require inputting alluring levels of the lexicon. This not only allows creating synonyms of similar words but also enables you to find the right technical terms to express the story. Every niche has a range of vocabulary to properly construct the sentence and bring out that level of passion.

Final Words

Writing a fantasy novel is a process. One must keep the fact in check that it is a marathon rather than sprints. There will be moments where you as a writer will realize, this is not the ideal character in the ideal world that you thought to be. The storylines may go overboard, and the range and accuracy of the lexicon aren’t on par to consider as novels. 

It takes practice to reach perfection. J.K Rowling hasn’t been where she is overnight. The most important thing about such literature is how adventurous you can be. Always remember there is no such terminology as right or wrong, and once this fundamental fact is instilled upon the users, their creativity in a few-hundred-page book will know no bound.


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