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Explore the List of best Juice Corners in Jaipur:

1.The Juice Shop – C Scheme, Jaipur

Here you will get juices that everyone loves. Cold Juices remove heat from your body, these days. 

This place is suitable for everyone to visit and explore other things except juices.


Cuisines: Fast Food, Beverages, Juices Smoothies 

Trending Elements: Charcoal Detox, Papaya Mango Smoothie 

2.Liquido- vashali nagar

Liquido is a delicious juice shop in Jaipur. This Place is made for Juice lovers and They have many types of Juices varieties. They serve juices in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. The place excels in taste and presentation both. Sip the fresh juices and relish the summertime with Liquido.

Location- C 212-213, Solitaire Building, Gautam Marg, Hanuman Nagar, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

Cuisines- Healthy Food, Juices

Trending Elements- Abc Miracle, Greek salad, Goldrush juice

3. Fruitville- The Juice Lounge

Juices, shakes, chillers, smoothies, and appetizers. The place has it all. Everything is fresh, light, and valuable for money place. For all those who wish to try different juices and flavored thick shakes then this place is a must-try for you all. This pocket-friendly place will quench your thirst for yummy juices in this boiling weather.

Location- G-6,14,15, Shree Nath Tower, Near Central Bank Of India, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur

Cuisines- Juices, Beverages, Desserts

Trending Elements-  Date shake, Orange juice, sweet lime

4. Juicewala’s

It’s an ironic food truck offering multi-flavored juices. Currently, the place is running three outlets simultaneously and it’s favored by a majority of Jaipur it’s. In these heat strokes, this place will witness major sales and hands wanting to order the freshly made juices and appetizers to go. The place is famous for its quality and prices.

Location- GT Central, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur

Cuisines- Juices

Trending Elements-  Apple shake, berry blast, papaya banana smoothie

5. Go Unjunk

The place promotes a healthy diet and as the name suggests its menu is just what you imagined. Everything is healthy and yummy Go Unjunk is happy to serve you with a smile. From salads to bagels the menu is filled with all. Smoothies, juices, and shakes are what the place masters are. Go Unjunk and drink fresh juices. It’s one of the best places to eat healthy food in Jaipur. Try it out

Location – Surya Mahal Tower, K 44, Income Tax Colony, Lal Bahadur Nagar, Tonk Road, Jaipur

Cuisines – Healthy Food, Salad, Juices

Trending Elements-  Greenhouse smoothie, Superman bagel

6. Juicy Corner

The place is exactly what the name suggests. They provide the freshly fashioned servings as you order in. A juicy corner is adored by many natives as it offers a diverse set of juices, smoothies, and shakes. It of a kind place for juice lovers.

Location- 7-TA-20, Puliya 1, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur

Cuisines- Juices, Beverages

Trending Elements- Khash Shake, Bourn-Bon Shake, Kiwi Juice

Happy summers!

7. Jaipur Modern Kitchen

If in the mood to try something healthy and equally scrumptious then Jaipur Modern Kitchen is a great choice. The place has a wide range of detox waters and unique blends of juices. Just not juices but the place take pride in treating all the guests with the best sushi and Mediterranean cuisine. Its authenticity and aesthetic environment allure the budding youth as well as the aged ones altogether.

Location- 51, Sardar Patel Marg, Dhuleshwar Garden Crossing, C Scheme, Jaipur

Cuisines-  Italian, Sushi, Mediterranean

Trending Elements- Tomatina, Energia, Marigold

8. Juice corner- bani park

It is the best palace to enjoy milkshakes. Juice corner is Jaipur’s well- know shop which makes delicious milkshakes and crips juices in the warm climate. They use the highest quality ingredients to make their juices, certifying a fabulous taste every time. They never use any kind of juice syrup or make a Healthy juice for you. All Juice and milkshakes are 100% safe and good in taste.don’t miss to taste their Badam milkshake, cold coffee, papaya milkshake.

Location: – d4-5 Near Space, Jhotwara Industrial Area, Jaipur, RJ 302032

Cuisines: – Juice and milkshake and ice cream

Trending Elements-Badam milkshake, cold coffee, papaya milkshakes

9. Fruit on desk-


A perfect place to refresh your day in a hot climate. They serve juice well mannered. when customers visit in fruit on desk at Vaishali Nagar customers have a delightful experience. the ice cream parlor presents an extensive range of ice delight in endless flavors to choose from. the staff is polite in nature and promotes their services

They use fresh fruit for making  a lovely juices


Location- c 409,block c,nursery circle,vaishali nagar


Cuisines- juices and ice-cream


Trending Element- Mango stick kulfi, strawberry shake


10. Amit juice corner- barkat nagar-


This juice shop has a wide range in Barkat Nagar. The juice of this shop is very famous in Barkat Nagar. they made juice very cleanly.it is famous for papaya juice. All customers have a good review they are satisfied by their services

Location- Shop No S C 98, Main Tonk Phatak, Barkat Nagar, Jaipur – 302015, Near Railway Tonk Phatak


Cuisines- Juices and Milkshakes


Trending Elements- papaya juice,chocolate Shake


11. Ramchandra kulfi and Juices- tripoliya Bazar-


This shop gives love very long time. The juice of this shop is famous. The behavior of the staff is very polite. You never miss the papaya juice of this shop. It is the best place to drink a fresh juice


Location-Shop Number 221, 222, Tripolia Bazar, Jaipur – 302002, Near Hawa Mahal


Cuisines- Juice, ice cream, and shakes


Trending elements- papaya juice, faluda, badam shake


12. Gulnar-

This is a wonderful juice and shakes place. Their shakes are soo consistent, thick, and smooth. And the best thing is everything is fresh and prepared in front of me. And prices are also very reasonable and worthy enough. I specifically loved their papaya shake a lot, it  has something special which lures me. it is the best place to taste your Juices. Banana and Chiku shake is the most attractive item in this shop


Location:Shop No 2, Jda Market Riddhi Siddhi Chauraha, Gopalpura Bypass, Gopalpura Bypass, Jaipur – 302018, Near ( Also Serves In Gandhi Path, Opposite HP Petrol Pump Near Vijay Dwar Circle Vaishali Nagar


Cuisines: Juice, milkshake, and ice-cream


Trending Elements:  banana, Chiku, and pineapple


13. Om Juice Centre-


It is the best juice street for your loved one. This brand was founded in 2005. They use the finest quality raw material and ingredients. The shop has many type of flavors in juices. the milkshakes are also famous in JagatPura the most thing is it is nearby gyan vihar university. Mango juice is very famous.


Location- Shop No-4 Mahal Gyan Vihar Road, 80 Feet Road, Jagatpura Gator, Jaipur – 302017, Opposite Of Gyan Vihar University


Cuisines- juice, milkshake, and beverages


Trending Elements:  Mango Juice


14. Achanak Juice Centre-


Achanak juice center in malviya nagar, jaipur is the  top best category of Juice center.The business employs individuals that are dedicated toward their respectives role and put in alot of efforts to achieve the comman vision and larger goals of the shoap. The staff of this shop has polite in nature.the most attractive thing of this shop is packing of juice and  they serve juices very neatly in glass.


Location- Shop No- 5, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur – 302017, Opposite ICICI Bank ATM, Satkar 


Cuisines- juice and milkshakes


Trending Elements- papaya Juices, pineapple juice


15. Frooce- the juice bar-


the juice or milkshake is very delicious. Our order is very yummy and healthy and I recommend trying it at least once… And firstly it is bottled packing soo easy to takeaway.  It’s Pamper your health, pamper your body with fresh cold-pressed juices from Frooce All natural. No preservatives. No added Sugar and Give your body a boost of nature with fresh cold-pressed juices from Frooce All natural. No preservatives. No added Sugar. As good, natural, and real as it gets.


Location- Shop No -88/89, Gandhi Path, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur – 302021, Near Style N Scissor


Cuisines- Juices, milkshakes, ice cream, cold drinks


Trending Elements- pineapple juice, chocolate shake


16. Juice 4 u-


 It is one of the best shops in Jaipur. The juice shop of this shop is very famous Vaishali Nagar. juice 4 u is a natural juice shop. They can not use any kind of syrup they use fresh fruit in juice and milkshakes. The banana juice is very famous in this shop. This summer it is one of the best juice shops in Jaipur for refresh your day


Location-B-25, Nityanand Nagar /Gandhi Path Road, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur – 302021, Queens


cuisines – juice and milkshake


Trending Element- banana juice


17. Payal Juice center-


Payal juice center is Making way for a hearty meal. This place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisines. So as to be able to cater to a large number of diners, it occupies a favorable location at Agra Road. Paldi Meena, Agra Road-302031 is where one can visit the venue. Courtesy of this strategic location, foodies in and around the neighborhood can walk into this eating house conveniently without facing any hassles related to commuting to this part of the city. It is one of the most sought-after Juice Centres on Agra Road. This is one of the renowned Juice Centres in Jaipur.

Payal Juice Center & Restaurant at Agra Road makes sure one has a great food experience by offering highly palatable food.


Location- Paldi Meena, Agra Road, Agra Road, Jaipur – 302004


Cuisines-Juice and milkshakes


Trending Elements- strawberry shake, papaya juice


18. Rama Juice center-

Rama juice center is one of the best juice shops in Malviya Nagar, Jaipur. Because of its unique taste they provide the best juices and milkshakes. They make healthy and tasty juices. They do not add any kind of sugar, flavor, and color. This shop is the best place for  enjoying summer with family and friends they accept all types of payments 

Location- Shop Number-51 & 52, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur – 302017, Near Nagar Nigam Market, Sector 1


Cuisines- juices and Milkshakes


Trending Elements- pineapple, chocolate shake, and mango shake