Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid | Expert Explanation

why college athletes should not be paid

The debate about paying college athletes has been continuing for a long time. Some consider they deserve to receive some payment for their athleticism while others think they shouldn’t.

But why college athletes should not be paid? Since the NCAA is a pretty solvent organization, they shouldn’t have any problem sorting out this ongoing controversy.

Yet, why don’t they do so? Well, there are some primary reasons behind their reluctance to take initiatives for paying college athletes. In this article, we will make it clear for you step by step.

Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

Generally, the NCAA is in charge of taking care of college athletes. The organization has already said it plenty of times that they are reluctant to pay the college athletes. Here are ten main reasons why we shouldn’t pay college athletes:

Education is the Priority:

The students should keep in mind that when they arrived at the college, their main purpose was to acquire knowledge. A college student should keep the focus on education alongside sports until he becomes a professional player.

Plenty of college students dream of being professional in the future but only a few of them make it happen later. Keeping this in mind, college athletes should prioritize education.

Love for the Game Than the Money:

When there is a slim chance to be a professional in the future, the students should enjoy the game during college life. In particular, it is better to play the game only if the student has enough love & passion for the game. If he only thinks of earning money, success won’t come so conveniently.

They Aren’t Professional Yet:

No wonder, there is a significant difference between college athletes & professional athletes. Students who participate in athletics also do study whereas professional players live on their performance. They receive a salary for their effort, and their teams earn money using their image.

In that case, it is just not realistic to compare the students choosing to perform athletics with the professionals.

College Athletes Receive Scholarships:

That’s a good point. The students who prefer to enroll in athletics receive a handsome amount of money through scholarships. By dint of scholarship money, they can lead a comfortable life. In many cases, they receive more enriched scholarships than those who get academic scholarships.

In contrast, students with academic talent have to work hard relentlessly for their studies. But it’s a great pity that many of them don’t get what they deserve really as compared to the student-athletes. For this reason, it doesn’t sound legitimate to offer them salary along with scholarships.

Negative Impression on the Strugglers:

If you look around, you can see tons of students struggling to earn some extra money alongside studies. In fact, they have to take loans or do overtime in their job to pay their tuition fees. Still, many of them complete graduation with more than $24,000 in debt.

On the other side, if the college athletes get paid including scholarship, that sends a wrong message to the strugglers. It’s true that they are not able to get into a job because of their busy schedule. But that’s the life they chose for themselves, didn’t they?

Higher Graduation Rates:

Many think that college athletes give more attention to sports than study which results in bad outcomes for them. However, that assumption isn’t realistic at all.

For example, according to the NCAA report, the graduation success rate of the college athletes escalated to 89% in 2019, which is 15% more than the stat taken in 2002. Hence, you can assume student-athletes are graduating with flying colors nowadays.

What’s the Fault of High School Athletes Then?

Let me guess you consider that college athletes should be paid. Ok, that’s fine but how about high school athletes then? After all, they are also bringing profit for the respective authority. If you only consider the case for paying college athletes, that becomes a discriminative decision.

Without a question in mind, most of the schools depend heavily on the athletics program to carry on their economic state. But we should remember that both college & school students do that as a 2nd choice. Of course, earning an academic degree is the primary target for them.

Reality is Very Difficult:

Many college athletes emphasize heavily on sports rather than study which is a wrong approach. Let’s have a look at the statistics on why college students should not be paid:

Only 9.8%of college students make their way to professional baseball while the rate is only 1.2% in men’s basketball. In the case of women basketball, it is even worse, only 0.8%. So you can realize the students shouldn’t have misconceptions about the enrollment in the professional level.

Proper Allocation of NCAA Income:

Undoubtedly, the NCAA earns immensely by exploiting the labor & pursuit of college athletes. With a whopping $867.5M from the television & marketing rights of Division I Men’s Basketball, they also manage $177.9M from the ticket sales.

Nevertheless, NCAA should ensure allocating such a vast amount of income properly to the college athletes to pay their tuition fees, meals, accommodation, medical care, etc rather than providing them a salary.

Who Else Gets Paid for Extracurricular Activities?

It is right that college students perform athletics as a part of extracurricular activities. Their performances bring recognition to their colleges. Similarly, other students engaged in different extracurricular activities also contribute largely to the fame of their colleges.

Many perform cultural activities like doing music, playing instruments, acting & many more. Moreover, some do voluntary activities, while others perform non-paid internships. If none of them gets paid for their work, why would college athletes get then?

In a nutshell, giving salary to college athletes isn’t a wise decision. Many would not agree with the mentioned reasons why college athletes should not be paid. Apparently, these are some of the valid reasons for not paying them.

Rather, such a decision will be harmful to their present if you offer them such financial solvency in addition to giving them scholarships. Unless we ensure equal facilities for all college students, we should adjourn paying the college athletes.


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